Wednesday, July 1, 2009

This Week's Bingo Theme: Super Robots

So, I have been doing this weekly bingo thing at work for at least a year or so (possibly more but who's really counting). And my WONDERFUL work mates have requested that the theme be different each week. So I need to come up with a different theme each and every week + find 30 images that match the them, and I've decided to post the theme here weekly when I make the callout for the week.

So, for this week (man, I've written week a lot in the post already) the theme will be: SUPER ROBOTS!

For those keeping score, I stole the images from the Super Robot Wars official website, mostly from the Supa Robo Gakuen page since the pictures are nice and big. Sadly, the images are not consistant (I'm anal about this), but it's alright I guess... Oh and the reason I've written the series name under each picture is because I've been forced to print the bingo sheets in b&w (due to the economy and all of course), and this is my way to make sure people don't get confused and call a bingo when it is not (learnt my lesson when I did the mahjong theme).

And since I've been doing this for SOOOO fuckin long, I'll also add a flashback image of a theme I've done in the past. And this weeks flashback is for the theme of: LEGEND OF THE GALACTIC HEROES! I scanned all the images from my dvd booklets so thankfully they're all consistant.

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