Sunday, July 19, 2009

Super Fun Happy Hyper Techno Lyrics Part 10!!

Onto the next one~

(G. Pasquini - F. Guio)

Gotta be ready, gotta be ready oh!

Stand, jump up into the sky
But first you gotta be ready
With the choice of voice in your system
Pump the way you know know dance
and listen

Give me give : everyone's sayin'
When you didn't get it that's when
You start praying
Please oh Please, down on your knees
And when don't come guarantee you'll

ARE U READY oh baby c'mon
I want your body so hot
I need your body for love

Come on and say yea!
Throw your hands up
Don't even care!
Stand up for your right... fight!
Stand up for your right... tonite!

Come on ARE U READY?
Let me show your hands up
Make 'em steady
Don't let the government drain you out
and go boing!
Just be ready

Gotta be ready, Gotta be ready oh!


Nothin' to say really, just as usual, written as in the booklet.

Oh, I did get an iPhone on Friday, so much fun has been had!

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