Friday, July 6, 2012

Shawaazu's Music Stream

So.... for no reason at all, I've started a music radio stream...Because my internet connection is super shitty, I can't stream live, but the server I signed up with allowed about 1gb of space... So, it should be up all day long, and there's around 17 hours of eurobeat, hyper techno + a few random crap... So, it shouldn't repeat itself often ahahhaha...

So anyway, listen if you'd like, there's a limit to 50 listeners (though I kinda doubt it'll ever get to that limit...)
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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Eurobeat ReMix Stage

1. Maio & Co. - Black Power (I.S.D. Remix)
2. Robert Stone - Burning Heart (Hyper Sonic Remix)
3. Annalise - Bad Love (Frontline-Maharaja Mix)
4. Dave Hammond - Sound Of My Heart (TYM Edit)
5. Virginelle - Kiss Me Kiss Me Babe (I.S.D. Remix)
6. DJ NRG - Extasy (Midi Wave Remix)
7. Mega NRG Man - Seventies (T.Y.M. Remix)
8. A-Beat Power - Jungle Night (B4 Za Beat Remix)
9. Edo - Too Young To Fall In Love (Y&Co. Remix)
10. Marko Polo - Money Go! (Tokyo DJ All Stars Remix)
11. Drama - Love For Sale (T.Y.M. P-Team Remix)
12. Dr. Money - That's All Right (I Love "Time" Mix)
13. Eurobeat Girls - Rockydance (New Generation Remix)
14. D.Essex - Boom Boom Fire (Old Generation Remix)
15. Girl Next Door - Friendship (Be My Friend Remix)
16. Dream - Private Wars (Euro Mix)
17. Ayumi Hamasaki - Surreal (Time A Go-Go Remix)
18. Max - Ride On Time (Eurobeat Mix)
19. Vicky Vale - Shibuya Girl (B4 Za Beat Remix)
20. Domino - Gotcha (Y&Co Remix)
21. Barbie - Parapara Girl (DJ Boss Remix)
22. Fastway - Rockin' Hardcore (DJ Gun Remix)
23. The Factory Team - Shanghai (DJ Gun Remix)
24. Neo - Midnight Love (DJ Boss Remix)

Monday, March 5, 2012

GETS Eurobeat Edition

Just the CDs I bought at the end of last year.

Super Eurobeat 213,216,219,220, Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Mix OST + DVD version