Sunday, March 9, 2014


Favourites in bold and red.

1.Denise - Guilty
2.Derreck Simons - This Time
3.Margaret - Waiting For Your Love
4.Casanova - I Would Die For You
5.Lolita - Highway
6.Victoria - Sexy Toy (Come And Try Me)
7.Dave Rodgers - I Was Made For Lovin' You
8.Maio & Co. - Walking On The Moon
9.Go Go Girls - Let Me Know
10.Starlet - You're Gonna Be
11.High Frequency - Love In Stereo
12.Black Power - Prisoner Of Love
13.Dr. Money - Power Gun
14.Valentina - Question
15.Marko Polo - Mad Guy
16.Angie Davies - Jumpin' Up
17.Triumph - Baby, Baby Run
18.Drama - Love For Sale
Mini Review:

1.Dave Rodgers - Boom Boom Japan
2.Madison - Love In New York City
3.Sophie - Music
4.K.L. Jones - Come On Come On
5.Cherry - I Don't Wanna Go
6.Time Force - Big Show
7.Helena - Melodies Of Love
8.Marie Aldridge - Screaming For Some Loving
9.Crystal - Tonite My Heart
10.Mr. Groove - Satisfaction
11.Morena - Music Takes My Breath Away
12.Vicky Vale - Stop The Fire
13.Jean Corraine - Tonight I'm Yours
14.Norma Sheffield - How Do You Feel It
15.Valentina - Breakfast In Bed
16.Thomas T. - All For You
17.Nathalie - The Way You Love Me
18.Dave Simon - Generation
Mini Review:

1.Cherry - Yesterday
2.Drama - Love For Sale
3.Virginelle - Love, Sex And Money
4.Domino - Give Me Five
5.Go Go Girls - Yellow Magic
6.DJ Luke Penn Feat. Mr. M - Music Fever
7.Lou Grant - Boom Boom Para Para
8.Dave Rodgers - Boom Boom Japan
9.Dave Rodgers - Milan Milan Milan
10.Triumph - Baby, Baby Run
11.Lolita - Highway
12.Veronica Sales - Get Up And Go
13.Valentina - Question
14.Morena - Music Takes My Breath Away
15.Delta Queens - Baccarah
16.Helena - Melodies Of Love
17.Sophie - Music
18.Denise - Guilty
19.Claire Deny - Angel
20.Dr's Girl - Reality
21.King & Queen - Seventies
22.Valentina & Mirka - I Love Spaghetti
23.Suzy Lazy - Boom Boom Girl
24.Dr. Love - Doctor Love
25.Mako - I Need Your Mystery
26.Dave Simon - Generation
Mini Review:

1.Luke Penn Feat. Time Force - Halleluya Tokyo
2.King & Queen - Dancing Queen
3.Max Coveri - I Don't Wanna Break Your Sweet Heart
4.Vanessa - Bye Bye Japan
5.Go Go Girls - Cocoon
6.Dr. Love - Bad Connection
7.Victoria - Born To Be Your Angel
8.Virginelle - Shake My Hand
9.K.L. Jones - Spitfire
10.Larabelle - Love As A Weapon
11.Frank Torpedo - Power High Energy
12.Valentina - I Just Called To Say I Love You
13.Jilly - Feelin' Blue
14.Lou Grant - People Of Music
15.Disco Vega - Hi Energy
16.Denise - In My Dreams
17.Derreck Simons - My Radio
18.Leslie Parrish - Killing My Love
Mini Review:

1.Nathalie - Desperado
2.Dave Simon - Rock The Nation
3.Angie Davies - Without Your Love
4.Norma Sheffield - Magical Lover
5.Go Go Girls - One Night In Arabia
6.Denise - Burning Like A Flame
7.K.L. Jones - Love & Dancing
8.Suzy Lazy - Wonderboy
9.Sonya - Close Your Eyes
10.Helena - All My Life
11.Charlie Tango - Tattoo
12.Valentina - Where Is The Happiness
13.Toby Ash - Jumping Up The Nations
14.Marie Belle - Never And Ever
15.Black Power - Get Ready For Loving
16.Drama - Why Can't This Be Love
17.Mirka - Hi Hi Baby
18.Atrium - Supersonic Fire
Mini Review:

1.Leslie Parrish - Killing My Love
2.Black Power - Up To The Sky
3.Derreck Simons - My Radio
4.Virginelle - Shake My Hand
5.Luke Penn Feat. Time Force - Halleluya Tokyo
6.Mike Hammer - Big Hole Black Hole
7.Nathalie - Desperado
8.Denise - Burning Like A Flame
9.Valentina - I Just Called To Say I Love You
10.Dr's Girl - This Is The Night
11.DJ NRG - Push It Go Go
12.Dr. Love - Bad Connection
13.Frank Torpedo - Power High Energy
14.Atrium - Supersonic Fire
15.Suzy Lazy - Wonderboy
16.Denise - In My Dreams
17.Victoria - Born To Be Your Angel
18.Vanessa - Bye Bye Japan
19.Sonya - Close Your Eyes
20.Mirka - Hi Hi Baby
21.Disco Vega - Hi Energy
22.High-Connection - Live In Paradise
23.High Frequency - Magic Japan
24.Go Go Girls - Tarzan
25.King & Queen - Dancing Queen
26.Larabelle - Love As A Weapon
Mini Review:

1.Leslie Parrish - Save Me
2.Mega NRG Man - Back On The Rocks
3.Helena - Waiting For You
4.Sonya - Tell Me Why
5.Newfield, Moroni & Sinclaire - Goodbye Japan
6.Chester - Hero Of Desire
7.Virginelle - Call Me Call Me
8.Aleph - Let The Music Play
9.Linda Ross - Eternity
10.Norma Sheffield - Suspiria
11.Casanova - Jealous Guy
12.Suzy Lane - The Power Of Love
13.Tension - I'm On The Fire
14.Crystal - Poison Love
15.Margaret - Gonna Feel So Good
16.Macho Gang - Love Desire
17.Sara - Wonderland
18.Derreck Simons - More Than A Feeling
Mini Review:

1.Lolita - Higher & Higher
2.Cherry - Give Me The Night
3.Overload - Go Go Guys
4.Morris & Cherry - Go Say Goal
5.Jean Corraine - Mystery
6.Harmony - Forever Love
7.D.Essex - Thank You-Arigato
8.Robert Patton - Love Is Free
9.Norma Sheffield - Party Time
10.Love & Pride - Love & Passion
11.Black Power - Love & Business
12.Angie Davies - You
13.Go Go Girls - My Sweet Banana
14.Niki Niki Feat. Karen - Boom Boom Baby
15.Doki Doki - Sing Na Na Na
16.Mr. Groove - Night & Day
17.Delta Queens - Dance Around The World
18.Mega NRG Man - Get Me Power
Mini Review:

1.Cherry - When I Close My Eyes
2.Lou Grant - Money 4 Love
3.A-Beat Sisters Feat. Domino, Valentina, Lolita & Norma - We're Dancing Together
4.Elvis - Music Over
5.Sophie - Over 'N' Over
6.Go Go Girls - Sugar Baby Love
7.Thomas T. - King Of The Night
8.Norma Sheffield - Lucky Angel
9.Virginelle - You'll Get My Love
10.Black Power - Tokyo Mania
11.Triumph - She Devil
12.High Frequency - Gimme Gimme Gimme
13.Morris - Crazy For Your Love
14.Ann Sinclair - I Wanna Go
15.Aleph - Generation Of Love
16.Larabelle - Say You Will
17.Max Coveri - Golden Age
18.Domino - Spinning Like A Top
Mini Review:

Disc 1: 

1.Alexis - Sugar Baby
2.D-Essex - Tokyo Tokyo
3.Triumph - Baby, Baby Run
4.Lolita - Baby Don't Cry
5.DJ Luke Penn Feat. Mr. M - Music Fever
6.Dave & Domino - Friday Night
7.Frank Torpedo - Power High Energy
8.Mega NRG Man - Get Me Power
9.Cherry - Give Me The Night
10.Dave Simon - Rock The Nation
11.Maio & Co. - Dark In The Night
12.Helena - Waiting For You
13.Drama - Why Can't This Be Love
14.Niki Niki - Take A Flame From My Heart
15.Lou Grant - Boom Boom Para Para
16.Derreck Simons - More Than A Feeling
17.Macho Gang - Love Desire
18.Sally Rendell - Sushi-Hushy-Girl
19.Go Go Girls - Yellow Magic
20.Dr's Girl - Everyday
21.Dave Rodgers - Boom Boom Japan
22.Black Power - People Of The Night
23.Victoria - Born To Be Your Angel
24.Morris & Cherry - Go Say Goal
25.Suzy Lazy - Boom Boom Girl
26.Roxanne - Money Money Money
27.Dr. Love - Bad Connection
28.Delta Queens - Dance Around The World
29.Mega NRG Man - Seventies
30.King & Queen - King And Queen
31.Lolita - Try Me
32.Virginelle - Kiss Me Kiss Me Babe
33.Linda Ross - Love Is Danger
34.Virginelle - Hot Love & Emotion
35.Domino & Aki - Talking Hands
36.Lolita - Highway
37.Melody - Endless Love
38.Domino & Aki - Hot & Soul
39.Mako - Kiss To Kiss
40.Vicky Vale - Stop The Fire

Disc 2: 

1.Mega NRG Man - Back On The Rocks
2.Sara - Wonderland
3.Newfield, Moroni & Sinclaire - Goodbye Japan
4.Helena - Lonely Night
5.Virginelle - Love, Sex And Money
6.Suzy Lazy - Wonderboy
7.Valentina - Harmony
8.Dave Simon - Generation
9.Domino - Euroboy
10.Dr's Girl - Reality
11.Lolita - Carillon
12.Cherry - Round N' Round
13.Mirka - Diamond Love
14.Atrium - Supersonic Fire
15.Go Go Girls - My Sweet Banana
16.Go Go Girls - Tarzan
17.Vanessa - Bye Bye Japan
18.Lolita - Higher & Higher
19.Denise - Burning Like A Flame
20.Claire Deny - Angel
21.Go Go Girls - One Night In Arabia
22.Suzy Lazy - Din Don Dan
23.D.Essex - Thank You-Arigato
24.Denise - In My Dreams
25.Mirka - Hi Hi Baby
26.Luke Penn Feat. Time Force - Halleluya Tokyo
27.Leslie Parrish - Save Me
28.Domino - Give Me Five
29.Nathalie - Desperado
30.Edo - Too Young To Fall In Love
31.Drama - Love For Sale
32.Virginelle - Like A Virgin
33.Helena - Melodies Of Love
34.Larabelle - Love As A Weapon
35.Marko Polo - Money Go!
36.Virginelle - Shake My Hand
37.Dr's Girl - This Is The Night
38.Leslie Parrish - Killing My Love
39.King & Queen - Dancing Queen
40.Cherry - Yesterday

Disc 3: Bonus Disc TK Hit's Eurobeat Style

1.Domino - Boy Meets Girl
2.Virginelle - Body Feels Exit
3.Cherry - Feel Like Dance
4.Helena - Ez Do Dance
Mini Review:

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