Monday, March 10, 2014


Favourites in bold and red.

1.Dusty - The Fire And The Rain
2.Lolita - Kiss 2 Kiss
3.Morris - Bad Tonight
4.Susy Wender - Runaway
5.T.I.M.E. - Another One Bites The Dust
6.Nikita Jr. - WWW iLoveU
7.D.Essex - Master Power
8.Go Go Girls - Hot For Your Body
9.Cherry - Sha La La
10.Mad Cow And The Royal Eurobeat Orchestra Of Bazookistan Feat. The Supertroyka Girls - I Want Your Balalaika
11.Vanessa - If One More Day
12.Manuel - I've Got To Go
13.Leslie Parrish - I Say No
14.Ace - Welcome To The Real World
15.Denise - Gimme Gimme Love
16.A-Beat Boys - We'll Stop The Time
17.Annie - To The Stars
18.Jimmy Bravo - Queen Of Fire
Mini Review:

1.Lisa Lion - Big On Emotion
2.Sym 1 - Rock Over Emotion
3.Karen - Free Love
4.Mad Max - Criminal Fire
5.Ace Warrior - Mad About You
6.Rose - This Is My Song (For You)
7.Susan Bell & Brian Ice - Spread Your Wings
8.Babby One - Jingle Jungle Boy
9.Susy & Dave - Get In Love
10.Keith Roland - Heaven
11.Kevin Johnson & Cherry - Crazy Game Of Love
12.Scream Team - Horror Fantasy
13.Powerful T. - I Feel Wild Tonight
14.Drama - Shake It Up
15.Melissa White & Ace - Rainin' In My Heart
16.Mega NRG Man - Get Another Chance
17.Crystal - Walk A Mile In My Shoes
18.Marko Polo - Hai Hai Hai (Dance Across The Nations)
Mini Review:

1.Scream Team - Horror Fantasy
2.Lisa Lion - Big On Emotion
3.Dusty - The Fire And The Rain
4.Go Go Girls - Hot For Your Body
5.Melissa White & Ace - Rainin' In My Heart
6.Rose - This Is My Song (For You)
7.Cherry - Sha La La
8.Dynamika - Passion
9.Lolita - Heart Attack
10.Dave Rodgers - Shake
11.Susy & Dave - Get In Love
12.Nuage - It's Holiday
13.7th Heaven - It's My Life
14.A-Beat Boys - We'll Stop The Time
15.Digital Planet - West End Guy
16.David "Off" - Deep Desire
17.Manuel - I've Got To Go
18.Ace - Welcome To The Real World
19.Mad Max - Criminal Fire
20.Dr. Love - Power Of Desperation
21.Marko Polo - Stop Your Self Control
22.Sym 1 - Rock Over Emotion
23.Jimmy Bravo - Queen Of Fire
24.Babby One - Jingle Jungle Boy
25.Mad Cow And The Royal Eurobeat Orchestra Of Bazookistan Feat. The Supertroyka Girls - I Want Your Balalaika
26.A-Class - My Only Star
Mini Review:

1.Oda - Face To Face
2.Maddy Layne - Do You Wanna Be My Secret Love
3.Monique - It's A Beautiful Day
4.Dave Simon - Queen Of My Ecstasy
5.Nuage - I Really Wanna Be Your Magic
6.Dusty - I Wanna Take A Chance
7.Domino - The Game Of My Name
8.Jackson 'O - Freedom
9.Kiki & Fancy - Wake Up
10.J. Storm - Gettin' You Gettin' Me
11.Maria Valentino - Stand Inside My Love
12.Niko - It's My Life
13.Vanessa - Saturday Morning
14.Ace - Moon Child
15.Denise - Music In My Head
16.Matt Land - Night Flight To Tokyo
17.Donna - Runaway
18.Dave & Nuage - Car Of Your Dreams
Mini Review:

1.Christine - Me, Myself & I
2.Jean Love - Fool For Your Loving
3.Dave & Domino - Sunshine In Your Eyes
4.Regina - Harmony
5.King & Queen - Wake Me Up
6.Symbol - Forever Young
7.Niko - Livin' On A Prayer
8.Baby Gold - I'll Be Live
9.Ace - Fightin' Over Freedom
10.Helena - Lovely Tango
11.Mega NRG Man - Raising Love
12.Pizza Girl - Bye Bye Baby
13.Chris T. - I Wanna Be The Night
14.Alexis - Don't You Forget My Love
15.Baby Bazooka - Cocoa Bill
16.Kevin Johnson - Never Give Up (In The Name Of Love)
17.Susy Wender - I Can Feel You
18.Digital Planet - We'll See Heaven
Mini Review: 

1.Trisha - Everytime You Want
2.Annalise - Bad Love
3.Annalise - Taste Of Love
4.King & Queen - Turbo Lover
5.Sophie - Stop The Music
6.Robert Stone - Pocket Time
7.Rodgers, Contini & Sinclaire - Get Away
8.Mario Ross - Push Push Ballerina
9.Edo - Stranger
10.Mike Hammer - Supersonic Love
11.Lou Grant - Bad Desire
12.Love & Pride - Shotgun Killer
13.Dr. Money - Hot Girl
14.Edo - Foxy Lady
15.Mike Skanner - What Is Love
16.Mike Skanner - Money For Nothing
17.Lisa Johnson - Doctor Doctor
18.Vanessa - Special Desire
19.Victoria - Give Me The Night
20.Salt & Pepper - Radio
21.Karen - Open Your Eyes
22.Maria Valentino - Be My Lover
23.Groove Twins - Love Bang Bang
24.Go Go Girls - Come Back
25.Lisa Johnson - Paradise
26.Michelle Rose - Sunday Night
27.Tri-Star - Dancing In Maharaja
28.Jee Bee - Summertime
29.Garcon - Batman Is Bruce Wayne
30.Joe Banana - Virtual Reaction
31.Larabelle - Love As A Weapon
32.Cherry - Round N' Round
33.Marlene - Call Girl
34.Domino & Aki - Hot & Soul
35.Lolita - Higher & Higher
36.Dave Rodgers - Take Me Higher
37.Dave Rodgers - Kingdom Of Rock
38.Dr. Love - Don't Stand So Close
39.D.Essex - Thank You-Arigato
40.Marko Polo - Baby Queen Seventeen
41.Eurobeat Girls - Rockydance
42.Newfield, Moroni & Sinclaire -
43.Suzy Lazy - Love Generation
44.Sara - Memories
45.Delta Queens - Energy Love
46.Oda - Shy Gun
47.Kiki & Kika - Jam Jam Jam
48.Go Go Girls - Do You Wanna Dance
49.Lolita - Goin' On
50.Mako - Dancer
51.Niko - Speedway
52.Kevin Johnson - Looking For Love
53.Kevin Johnson - Little Crush
54.Giselle - Love Is Fantasy
55.Rose - Histoire D'Amour
56.Melissa White & Ace - Rainin' In My Heart
57.Dave Rodgers - Ale' Japan
58.Dave Rodgers & Kiko Loureiro - Fevernova
59.Ace - Take My Breath Away
60.Dusty - Crazy For Love
61.Paul Harris - King Forever
62.Buddy Bo - Hard Beat
63.Rose - This Is My Song (For You)
64.Donna - On My Own
65.Lolita - Kiss 2 Kiss
66.Lolita - Wanna Be Your Emotion
67.Fastway - Money Go Round
68.Mad Cow And The Royal Eurobeat Orchestra Of Bazookistan Feat. The Supertroyka Girls - I Want Your Balalaika
69.Marko Polo - Stop Your Self Control
70.Scream Team - Horror Fantasy
Mini Review:

1.Virginelle - I Just Wanna Be Your Angel
2.Dark Angels - Right Now (Euro Power Mix)
3.David Ropa - Stormy Night
4.Pretty Woman - Cybersexy Girl
5.Time Force - Time Of Love
6.Meri - Never Let Me Down
7.Electric Rock Band - Rock Me Tonight
8.Nick Key - S.O.S.
9.Priscilla - Bye To The Baby
10.Dave Rodgers - Not Gonna Get Us
11.Dany - Love Is A Lite
12.Mako - In The Stars
13.Mad Cow And The Bazookistaners - Rasputin, Pasternak And Molotov
14.Lolita - Heart Attack
15.Mr. M - All That I Want
16.Karen - Finally I See The Light
17.Jean Love - Steel Blade
18.Go 2 - Not For Sale
Mini Review:

1.Niko - Superbad
2.Cherry - Lonely Night
3.Manuel - Shock Me
4.Jean Love - Movin' Up Moving Now
5.Lolita - Anynight Anyday
6.Robert Patton - Rock And Roll Babe
7.Powerful T. - Blood And Fire
8.Spock - Enter The Sandman
9.Pretty Woman - Did Or Didn't
10.Rick Castle - Ride In The Night
11.Susan Bell - Never Fall In Love Again
12.Pamsy - Dancin' Alone
13.Angela - Killing My Love
14.Sophie - Magic Time
15.Susy Wender & Nuage - Plastic Girl
16.Mad Max - Tsunami Comes
17.Time All Stars - 150
18.Damon - Work Your Body
Mini Review:

1.Go Go Girls - Go Go's And The Monkeys
2.Jimmy Bravo - Mazinger Go!
3.Manuel - Let's Go, Come On
4.Donna - Get Me Burning Up
5.Matt Land - Superfantastico
6.Newfield, Moroni & Sinclaire - Don't Let My Love Disappear
7.Fastway - Run
8.Franz Tornado - Bazoocow
9.Alexis - Take Me Take Me
10.Norma Sheffield - Listen To Me
11.Kevin Johnson - Never Gonna Give You Up
12.Happy Hours - Eclipse Of Your Love
13.David "Off" - Heat Of The Night
14.Robbie Grain - Crazy
15.Mike West - Waiting For My Love
16.Nuage - Running To The Night
17.Scream Team - Ice Cream (U Scream)
18.Nameless - S.M.S.
Mini Review:

Disc 1: SEB Golden Hits 50

1.Cherry - Yesterday
2.Niko - Night Of Fire
3.Mako - Dancer
4.Go Go Girls - Hot Vampire
5.Domino - Mickey Mouse March (Eurobeat Version)
6.Domino - I Wanna Dance
7.Dave, Domino & Virginelle - Anniversary
8.Go Go Girls - One Night In Arabia
9.Dave Simon - I Need Your Love
10.Marko Polo - Money Go!
11.Dave Rodgers - Made In Japan
12.Edo - Too Young To Fall In Love
13.Virginelle - Like A Virgin
14.Domino - Tora Tora Tora
15.Valentina - Harmony
16.Mega NRG Man - Seventies
17.Lolita - Try Me
18.Virginelle - Hot Love & Emotion
19.Love & Pride - Shotgun Killer
20.Alexis - Sugar Baby
21.Linda Ross - Love Is Danger
22.Maio & Co. - Dark In The Night
23.Mike Hammer - Heart Breaker
24.The Big Brother - Wild Reputation
25.King & Queen - King And Queen
26.Virginelle - Fantasy
27.Lisa Johnson - Doctor Doctor
28.Karen - Hurricane
29.DJ NRG - Kamikaze
30.King & Queen - He-Hey Dancin'
31.Nathalie - Heartbeat
32.Niko - Speedway
33.Dave Rodgers - Space Boy
34.Mega NRG Man - Burning Desire
35.D.Essex - Boom Boom Fire
36.Dr. Love - Eurobeat
37.Matt Land - Fever The Night
38.Lolita - Beautiful Day
39.Digital Planet - We'll See Heaven
40.Nuage - Sunday
41.Nuage - Don't Wanna Lose You Baby
42.Christine - Me, Myself & I
43.Manuel - Let's Go, Come On
44.Dave Rodgers - The Race Is Over
45.Baby Bazooka - Cocoa Bill
46.Babby One - Jingle Jungle Boy
47.Scream Team - Horror Fantasy
48.Niko - Superbad
49.Mad Max - Tsunami Comes
50.Go 2 - Not For Sale

Disc 2: J-Euro Golden Hits 50

1.Namie Amuro With Super Monkeys - Try Me (B4 Za Beat Remix)
2.Namie Amuro - Season
3.Namie Amuro - Burning Love
4.Namie Amuro - Go! Go!
5.Namie Amuro - Stop The Music
6.Namie Amuro With Super Monkeys - Memories
7.MAX - Kiss Me Kiss Me, Baby
8.MAX - Seventies
9.MAX - Tora Tora Tora
10.MAX - Get My Love!
11.MAX - Harmony
12.MAX - Extasy
13.MAX - Love Love Fire
14.MAX - Summer Time
15.MAX - So Much In Love
16.MAX - Stranger In The Night
17.MAX - Don't You Love Me
18.MAX - Broken Heart
19.MAX - Because I Need You
20.MAX - Reality
21.MAX - Love Desire
22.MAX - Kiss To Kiss
23.MAX - Endless Love
24.D&D - Love Is A Melody
25.D&D - Shape Up Love
26.D&D - Together Forever
27.D&D - Brand New Love
28.D&D - Remembering Yesterday
29.D&D - Be My Lover
30.D&D - In Your Eyes
31.Aya & Chika From D&D - Kiss In The Sun
32.Aya & Chika From D&D - Dancin' My Heart
33.Aya & Chika From D&D - Rise In My Heart
34.Aya & Chika From D&D - Waitin' For Heaven
35.Folder5 - Amazing Love
36.Folder5 - It's Up To You
37.Folder5 - Believe
38.Folder5 - Liar
39.Folder5 - Ready!
40.Folder5 - Gemini
41.Folder5 - Follow Me
42.Folder5 - Heart Beat
43.Folder5 - Break The Silence
44.Dream - Night Of Fire
45.Dream - Do You Wanna Dance
46.Dream - Jealousy
47.Dream - King & Queen
48.Anzai Hiroko - True Love
49.Wi*th - Let's Spend The Night
50.Vivace - On My Own
Mini Review:

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