Sunday, March 30, 2014


Favourites in bold and red.

1.Franz "Mad Cow" Tornado & The Bazooka Girls - Suck A Bazooka
2.Jungle Bill - Shake Me Up
3.Toby Ash - Love And Fever Tonight
4.Alvin - Shocking Fever
5.Tomas Lee - Midnight
6.Mel & Kim - Go Go To Heaven
7.Doctor Stranger - Touch Me Baby
8.Cindy - Gucci Girl
9.Leslie Hammond - Move In The Nite
10.Christine - It's A Beautiful Life
11.Rocky - Nightmare
12.Jungle Bill - Laser Gun
13.Tri-Star - Ike Ike
14.Debbie Key - Day By Day
15.Tracy - Lovers
16.Kiki & Kika - Jungle Night
17.Marko Polo - Speedy Speed Boy
18.Baby Gold - Memories Of Love
19.Christine-N. Joy - Lovin' You Lovin' Me
20.Nikita Jr. - Saturday Night
21.Garcon - Yacchaa Boi
22.Ken Martin - Bad World
23.Jeff Driller - Foxy Lady
24.Niko - Made Of Fire
25.Dave McLoud - Mikado
26.Franz Tornado & The "Mad Cow" Girls - Bandolero Comanchero
Mini Review:

1.Mega NRG Man - Space Racing
2.Dave Rodgers - Deja Vu
3.Go Go Girls - Do You Wanna Dance
4.Lolita - Macho Man
5.Suzy Lazy - Big Time
6.Karen - Ride Like The Wind
7.Mega NRG Man - Over The Line
8.Silver - Brave Heart
9.Linda Ross - Sugar Sugar Honey
10.Mako - Rain
11.Karina - Don't Go Breaking My Heart
12.Crystal - I Belong To You
13.Priscilla - Keep It For Tonite
14.Pizza Girl - Everytime You Go
15.Dave McLoud - Go! Get Ready!
16.Cherry - Take Me To Your Heart
17.Denise - Don't Give Up Your Love
18.Go Go Girls - Touch Me Here Touch Me There
19.Eurosisters - Ready 4 Your Lovely Game
20.Mike Danger - I Want To Be Free
21.Ace Warrior - Fireball
22.Dusty - You Make Me Feel
23.Jimmy Bravo - C'Mon Baby Tonight
24.Virginelle - Brother & Sister
25.Groove Twins - Dance On Saturday Night
26.Candy Taylor - Make A Move
Mini Review:

1.Priscilla - Hello Goodbye
2.Dusty - Hey Ho Let's Go
3.Tiger Shark - Be One
4.Lisa Johnson - Your Passion (Catch My Life)
5.Victoria - Love Rhapsody
6.Lolita - Baby Baby Blue
7.Go Go Girls - Walking Around The Town
8.Susan Bell - Break The Silence
9.Remy Panther - Bad Boy Can Believe Me
10.Francis Cooper - Turbo Night
11.Claudia Vip - Walking Down The Street
12.Karen - Ever Lasting Love
13.Valentina - I Wanna Live
14.Norma Sheffield - Waiting For You
15.Alexis - Night Angel
16.Big Jim - Why Why
17.Cy-Ro - Delta Force
18.Mara Nell - Rain Man
19.Dolly Pop - I'm Gonna Crazy For You
20.Black Eva - I'm Crazy For Your Love
21.Maddy Layne - Love Me Crazy
22.Love & Pride - Move On
23.Atrium - Zorro Zorro
24.Joe Banana - Go Nakata
25.Bazooka Girl - Velfarre 2000
26.大阪プリン (東京プリン&YURIMARI) - なんかちょうだい ~PLEASE GIVE ME SOMETHING~
Mini Review:

1.Dave McLoud - Street Of Fire
2.Cy-Ro - Move It To The Rhythm
3.The Girls - Women On Time
4.Michelle Rose - Wanna Be Your Lover
5.Dominique Pratt - Always In My Mind
6.Bi Bi - Into My Dream
7.Go Go Girls - The Melody Is In Your Heart
8.Donna - Living Loud
9.Anika - Come Back To Me
10.The Wonder-Girls - Baby Love
11.Baby Gold - I Need Your Passion
12.Macho Gang - Go Superman
13.Milk & Coffea - Sunshine Baby
14.Anika - Change
15.Lolita - Just A Little Love
16.David Bird - Sexy Diva
17.Drama - While My Love Awaits
18.Lou-Lou Maria - You Are My Paradise
19.Kiki & Kika - Easy Busy
20.Virginelle - I'm Free
21.Remy Panther - It Is A Magical Dream
22.Ken Martin - Sexy Sexy Sexy
23.Boogaboo - Burn Burn Get My Fire
24.Franz Tornado - How Yeah
25.Fastway - Young & Wild
26.dream - Private Wars (Euro Mix)
Mini Review:

1.Fastway - Spacelove
2.Mote Mote - Wow Tokyo
3.Doki Doki - Baby Besame
4.Priscilla - Deep Into Your Love
5.Luna - Guardian Angel
6.Barbie - Feel It Feel it (In My Heart)
7.Betty Blue - Burning In The Night
8.Mister Fly - Night Fly
9.Knick Knack - Feelings Of My Heart
10.Louise - Hey Hey Dark In My Heart
11.Michelle Rose - Once More
12.Princess F. - Just An Illusion
13.Milk & Coffea - Honey Honey
14.Sonya - Follow Me Now
15.Susan Bell - Happy To Dance
16.Marlene - Kiss And Hug Me
17.Dee Dee Wonder - Money Gets Funny
18.Alvin - A Lovely Night
19.Debbie Key - You Will See
20.Emy - Another Love
21.Lucya - Kiss Me Tonight
22.Kiki & Kika - Big Yeah
23.Dolly Pop - I'm No Angel
24.Jeff Driller - Bad Girl
25.Tam Arrow - Hyper Bazooka Revolution
26.キーヤキッス - アイシアッテマス? (NEW GENERATION MIX)
Mini Review:

1.Franz "Mad Cow" Tornado & The Yamanba-Gals - Ganguro
2.Jungle Bill - Bad Cow
3.Hot Cold - Emotions
4.Ace - Play The Music
5.Go Go Girls - Going Home
6.Suzy Lazy - Suzy Lazy
7.Giorgia Barrows - Don't Wanna Let You Down
8.Lilly - You Play A Wonderful Game
9.Dominique Pratt - Dum Dum
10.Valentina - Don't Stop The Music
11.Christine - You & I
12.Space Girls - Welcome To The Moon
13.Fulvia Coupe - Without You I Feel Blue
14.Valery Scott - 1 For Me, 1 For You
15.Anika - Number One
16.Louise - Because I'm Loving You
17.Kiki & Kika - Sunshine In My Life
18.Vanessa - The Final Countdown
19.Luna - Tell Me
20.The Wonder-Girls - Prison Of Love
21.Tam Arrow - The Boom Boom Power
22.Jeff Driller - Chica Loca
23.Dave McLoud - Fightin' The Night
24.Dusty - Crazy For Love
25.Joe Banana - Black Magic
26.東京プリン - NO.1 ~輝け乙女~ (DJ Shu's Light Mix3)
Mini Review:

1.Fastway - Money Go Round
2.Jimmy Bravo - Samurai
3.Fun Cool - Tropical Carnival
4.Beatman - Spitfire
5.Baby Gold - Kiss Me Kiss Me
6.Mara Nell - Your Love Is Magic
7.The Flippers - Hootchie Cootchie
8.Norma Sheffield - My Love For You
9.Bazooka Girl - Flying Around The World
10.Joe D. Toaster - Everybody Go
11.Delta Queens - Help Me
12.Christine - Crazy Generation
13.Kika - In Your Eyes
14.Valentina - Sleep In Your Arms
15.Lolita - Everybody Dance
16.Dolly Pop - Don't Get Away
17.Chris - Viva L'Amour
18.Maddy Layne - U Never Say Goodbye
19.Hot Cold - Midnight Song
20.Lucya - The Look Of Love
21.Go Go Girls - Love Me Tonite
22.Volta & Gabbana - Johnny Go
23.Mr. M - Love Gun
24.Doctor Stranger - Gotta Be My Babe
25.Jackie 'O - X-Man Story
26.キーヤキッス - Lucky Girlでいこう(Y&Co.Lucky Euro Mix)
Mini Review:

1.Kiki & Kika Feat. Goofy DJ - My Name Is Goofy
2.Nick Mansell - Stop Lookin' Back
3.Fastway - Rocket Man
4.Babby One - U.S.A.
5.Tam Arrow - One Shot Girl
6.Black Eva - Turn The Beat Around
7.Claudia Vip - White Is For You Black Is For Me
8.Sarah - Shoobie Doobie
9.Lucya - Give You My Love
10.Louise - I Need Somebody To Love
11.Giorgia Barrows - Queen Of The Night
12.Elisa - Tell Me The Reason Why
13.Maria Short - Light My Fire
14.Lou Lou Marina - Take Me Up And Higher
15.Mara Nell - Renegado
16.Norma Sheffield - Little Love
17.Valentina - The Colour Of My Love
18.Leila - Happy Happy
19.Susan Bell - One Night To Remember
20.Ace Warrior - Fame
21.Ace - Don't Go
22.J. Rush - Tokyo Night
23.High Level - Take My Time
24.Ely Kotero - Sheik Yarbati Moves
25.Franz "Mad Cow" Tornado & The Suck-A-Bazooka Girls - Soaker
26.キーヤキッスぱにっく - 私の彼は石油王 (Y&Co. Euro Oil Mix)
Mini Review:

1.Jimmy Bravo - All Right Nippon
2.Joe Banana - Bang Bang Bang
3.Ciao Ciao - Seventeen
4.Baby Gold - Colors Of My Love
5.Christine - To Be Your Angel
6.Doki Doki - Celebration Time
7.Mara Nell - Sweet Dream Of Love
8.Norma Sheffield - Wanna Feel You
9.Susan Bell - Love Is The Way
10.Luna - Donna Tokyo
11.Bazooka Girl - Cantare Ballare (Happy Eurobeat)
12.Lucya - All The Love Inside
13.Lolita - Think Of You
14.Ace Warrior - Black Roses
15.Dusty - Solid Gold
16.Regina - Let The People Say
17.Messalina - Call Me
18.Susan Key - Love Train
19.Dee Dee Wonder - Cybernetik Luv
20.P. Stone - Kosmic Woofer
21.Beat Man - Future Boy
22.Miss K. - I Wanna Be Material Girl
23.Ace - Take My Breath Away
24.Fastway - 1 2 3 4 Fire
25.Franz "V.I.P." Tornado & Bazooka "T.C.V." Girl - Super Euro Flash
Mini Review:

Disc 1: Ikemen Side

1.Ace - Take My Breath Away
2.Jimmy Bravo - Samurai
3.Dusty - Crazy For Love
4.Jungle Bill - Shake Me Up
5.Mr. M - Love Gun
6.Jungle Bill - Laser Gun
7.Bazooka Girl - Flying Around The World
8.Cindy - Gucci Girl
9.Ely Kotero - Sheik Yarbati Moves
10.Doki Doki - Baby Besame
11.Lolita - Baby Baby Blue
12.Doctor Stranger - Touch Me Baby
13.Kiki & Kika - Big Yeah
14.Ace Warrior - Fame
15.Ace - Don't Go
16.Giorgia Barrows - Queen Of The Night
17.Emy - Another Love
18.High Level - Take My Time
19.Kika - In Your Eyes
20.Christine - Crazy Generation
21.Dusty - You Make Me Feel
22.Lolita - Everybody Dance
23.Jeff Driller - Foxy Lady
24.Jeff Driller - Chica Loca
25.Joe Banana - Bang Bang Bang
26.Bazooka Girl - Velfarre 2000
27.Volta & Gabbana - Johnny Go
28.Fastway - Rocket Man
29.Jackie 'O - X-Man Story
30.Franz "V.I.P." Tornado & Bazooka "T.C.V." Girl - Super Euro Flash

Disc 2: Gal Side

1.Fastway - 1 2 3 4 Fire
2.Dusty - Solid Gold
3.Fastway - Spacelove
4.Ace - Play The Music
5.Mel & Kim - Go Go To Heaven
6.Kiki & Kika - Easy Busy
7.Tri-Star - Ike Ike
8.Franz "Mad Cow" Tornado & The Yamanba-Gals - Ganguro
9.Joe Banana - Black Magic
10.Luna - Donna Tokyo
11.Linda Ross - Sugar Sugar Honey
12.Susan Key - Love Train
13.Niko - Made Of Fire
14.Ken Martin - Bad World
15.Ken Martin - Sexy Sexy Sexy
16.Dave Rodgers - Deja Vu
17.Lolita - Think Of You
18.Go Go Girls - Love Me Tonite
19.Go Go Girls - Do You Wanna Dance
20.Doki Doki - Celebration Time
21.Priscilla - Hello Goodbye
22.Christine - To Be Your Angel
23.Louise - I Need Somebody To Love
24.Bazooka Girl - Cantare Ballare (Happy Eurobeat)
25.Franz "Mad Cow" Tornado & The Bazooka Girls - Suck A Bazooka
26.Franz Tornado & The "Mad Cow" Girls - Bandolero Comanchero
27.Tam Arrow - The Boom Boom Power
28.Dave McLoud - Mikado
29.Nick Mansell - Stop Lookin' Back
30.Fastway - Money Go Round
Mini Review:

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