Sunday, March 9, 2014


Favourites in bold and red.

1.Sophie - Like An Angel
2.Queen Of Times - So Much In Love
3.Joe Foster - Hot Legs
4.Tommy K. - Give Me Back My Money
5.Robert Patton - Shame On You
6.Salt & Pepper - I Love Disco Dance
7.Derreck Simons - Take It Easy
8.Alexis - Another Day Another Night
9.Go Go Girls - Right Now
10.Mr. Groove - Show Me The Way
11.Jilly - Ding A Ling
12.Lisa Johnson - Tonight (I'm Ready)
13.Valentina & Mirka - Shake Me Up (Extended Saturday Mix)
Mini Review:

1.Virginelle - Like A Virgin
2.Lolita - Pizza Dance
3.Phil & Stan - Perfect Lover
4.Maggie May - Another Day
5.Dave Hammond - Money Connection
6.Mr. Groove - Space Trecking
7.Les Blue Bells - Let's Feel The Night
8.Ann Sinclair - Don't Drop Me
9.Juliet - Intuition
10.Sally Rendell - On Fire
11.Dave Rodgers - Nothing Changed
12.Roxanne - Love Love Fire
13.D-Essex - Burning Love
Mini Review:

1.Frank Torpedo - Para Para Para Night
2.King & Queen - Para Para
3.Valentina & Mirka - Shake Me Up
4.Domino - Tora Tora Tora
5.Valentina - I Know
6.Salt & Pepper - I Love Disco Dance
7.Maggie May - Another Day
8.Sophie - Like An Angel
9.Norma Sheffield - Nothing Changed
10.Alexis - Another Day Another Night
11.Dave Hammond - Money Connection
12.Queen Of Times - So Much In Love
13.Jilly - Ding A Ling
14.Joe Foster - Hot Legs
15.Robert Patton - Shame On You
16.Vanessa - High High
17.Ann Sinclair - Don't Drop Me
18.Derreck Simons - Take It Easy
19.Tommy K. - Give Me Back My Money
20.Dave Rodgers Feat. Jennifer Batten - Sun City
21.Delta Force - Relight My Fire
22.Lolita - Pizza Dance
23.Roxanne - Love Love Fire
24.Tension - Tell Me Why
25.Mike Hammer - Big Mouth
Mini Review:

1.Valentina - Wake Up Honey
2.Maltese - Shake Down
3.Mr. Groove - Blowing In The Wind
4.Frankie Beat - Somebody To Love
5.Marie Belle - I Say Stop
6.Lolita - Move Your Body
7.Go Go Girls - Please Me Tell Me Why
8.Chester - Bad Boy
9.Claire Deny - You Better Bring Your Love
10.Groove Twins - Gonna Be All Right
11.Danny Keith - Come To My Arms
12.D-Essex - Demolition Man
13.Delta Force - Bang Bang
Mini Review:

1.Veronica Sales - Season
2.K.L. Jones - Gotta Have You Baby
3.Dr. Money - Roppongi Nights
4.Helena - Night Girl
5.Samantha Gilles - I'm The One (Maxi Single Version)
6.Disco Vega - Love Shock
7.Victoria - Hi-Dee-Ho
8.Macho Gang - Got To Move
9.J. Corraine - Danger Danger
10.Marlene - Can't Stop Loving You
11.Mike Freeman - Kamikaze For Love
12.Ric Fellini - Dance Across The Nations
13.Valentina - I'm In Love With You
Mini Review:

1.Delta Force - Bang Bang
2.DJ NRG - The Real Thing
3.Mega NRG Man - Rainbow
4.D-Essex - Demolition Man
5.Roxanne - Money Money Money
6.Go Go Girls - Please Me Tell Me Why
7.Valentina - I'm In Love With You
8.Veronica Sales - Season
9.Kelly Wright - Discovery
10.Virginelle - Like A Virgin
11.Lolita - Move Your Body
12.Groove Twins - Gonna Be All Right
13.Angie Davies - Better Love
14.Claire Deny - You Better Bring Your Love
15.Toby Ash - Doctor Of Dreams
16.Danny Keith - Come To My Arms
17.Victoria - Hi-Dee-Ho
18.Niki Niki - Senorito
19.De Niro - Flashback
20.Mike Freeman - Kamikaze For Love
21.Helena - Night Girl
22.Ric Fellini - Dance Across The Nations
23.Dr. Money - Roppongi Nights
Mini Review:

1.Karen - Real Love
2.Frank Torpedo - Hi-Hi Frankenstein
3.Mirka - Boom Boom DJ
4.K.L. Jones - Funny Funny Dance
5.Kelly Wright - Unforgettable
6.Love & Pride - Hellraiser
7.Charly - Hey Hey Baby
8.Groove Twins - Girls On Film
9.Sally Rendell - Bim Bum Bam
10.Terry Gordon - You Are An Angel
11.Juliet - You And Me
12.Roxanne - Just Stay
13.Thomas T. - Big One
Mini Review:

1.Lolita - Come On Baby
2.Tension - Lost In Tokio
3.Queen Of Times - Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Tonight
4.Margaret - Stand Up (And Shout)
5.Samantha Gilles - I Love You
6.Teddy Boy - Master Of Sex
7.Tommy K. - Funky Warriors
8.Atrium Feat. Angie Davies - Supermaio
9.DJ NRG - Rock Rock City
10.Silver - Your Easy Love
11.Roxanne - You're In Love
12.Mike Hammer - Blade Runner
13.D-Essex - Tokyo Tokyo
Mini Review:

1.Groove Twins - Love Bang Bang
2.Jilly - In The Heat Of The Night
3.K.L. Jones - Bad Boy Boogie
4.De Niro - King Of The World
5.Anika - Touch Me Too Much
6.Juliet - Missing You
7.Dave Hammond - Take A Hammer
8.Delta Force - Over Power
9.Vanessa - You Don't Give Me Love
10.Sophie - It's A Rainy Day
11.Casanova - I Did It For Love
12.Margaret - Living Out
13.Dr's Girl - Everyday
Mini Review:

Disc 1: I.S.D. Side

1.Anika - You're My Life
2.Euroteam Feat. Annerley Gordon - Can't Stop The Music
3.DJ NRG - The Real Thing
4.Delta Force - Relight My Fire
5.DJ NRG - Kamikaze
6.Linda Ross - Loving Honey
7.Virginelle - Why Not
8.Virginelle - Don't You Love Me
9.Vanessa - High High
10.Annerley Gordon - On My Own
11.Alexis - Sugar Baby
12.Annalise - O.K.! All Right!
13.Virginelle - Lucky Lucky
14.Maio & Co. - Dark In The Night
15.Lolita - Cherry Girl
16.Domino - Domino Dancing
17.Go Go Girls - Come Back
18.Valentina - I Know
19.Mike Freeman - Kamikaze For Love
20.Derreck Simons - TNT
21.Delta Force - Bang Bang
22.Norma Sheffield - Nothing Changed
23.Niki Niki - Senorito
24.Norma Sheffield - Sweet Heaven
25.Valentina - I'm In Love With You
26.D-Essex - Demolition Man
27.Maggie May - Another Day
28.Angie Davies - Superman
29.King & Queen - Ya Ya Ya
30.Salt & Pepper - Radio

Disc 2: MST Side

1.Go Go Girls - Please Me Tell Me Why
2.Jilly - Ding A Ling
3.Vanessa - Hey Hey
4.Jilly - Take A Look In My Heart
5.Dr. Money - Roppongi Nights
6.D-Essex - Burning Love
7.Norma Sheffield - Memories
8.Lolita - Walkie Talkie
9.Victoria - Hi-Dee-Ho
10.Karen - Hurricane
11.Frank Torpedo - Para Para Para Night
12.Lisa Johnson - Doctor Doctor
13.King & Queen - He-Hey Dancin'
14.Annalise - New Love
15.Virginelle - Mystery In Love
16.Lolita - Move Your Body
17.Roxanne - Super Sex Symbol
18.Virginelle - Kiss Me Kiss Me Babe
19.Roxanne - Love Love Fire
20.King & Queen - King And Queen
21.Valentina & Mirka - Shake Me Up
22.Domino - Tora Tora Tora
23.Valentina - Harmony
24.Virginelle - Hot Love & Emotion
25.King & Queen - Para Para
26.Mega NRG Man - Seventies
27.Roxanne - Money Money Money
28.Virginelle - Like A Virgin
29.Lolita - Try Me
30.King & Queen - Season (Loving Now)
Mini Review:

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