Sunday, March 30, 2014


Favourites in bold and red.

1.Fastway - 777
2.Ace Warrior - 24 Hours A Day With You
3.Pecos Drill - She's My Baby Chevrolet
4.Lou-Lou Marina - Rock N' Dolls
5.Space Girls - Boys On Fire
6.Louise - My Love Romance
7.Norma Sheffield - Little Crazy Baby
8.Christine - Till The End Of Time
9.Susan Bell - A Little Goodbye
10.Eurobeat Girls - People Come On!
11.Vanilla - Around The Universe
12.Jinko Sbilenko - Too Many Lovers Night And Day
13.Lilly - Good Time
14.Mike West - Highway Star
15.Kara Mell - When I Fall In Love
16.Go Go Girls - I Want Your Kiss Boy
17.Lolita - Sugar Baby Love Me
18.Kiki & Kika - Eurobeat Beat Boom
19.Martina Dry - Come Together
20.Bazooka Girl - Mister Robinson
21.Babby One - Baby Come On
22.Lucya - Hey, You!
23.Nick Mansell - Spirit Of The Night
24.Ace - Open Your Eyes
25.Mad Cow - Franz Tornado
Mini Review:

1.Franz Tornado & Bazooka Girl - Caballero With Sombrero
2.Mote Mote - California Girl
3.Volta & Gabbana - ParaPara AllStars
4.Christine - Heartbeat
5.Kika - Party Girl
6.Giulietta Sprint - Too Smart To Get My Heart
7.Doll Sisters - Wannabe My Dreamy Valentine
8.Ely Kotero - Sexy Love Banana
9.Kiki & Kika - Snake Dance
10.Lucya - History
11.Susan Bell - Gimme The World
12.Julia Blackmore - Come Together
13.Rick Castle - My Little Girl
14.Valentina - Trust Me Now
15.Mr. M - Walking To My Life
16.Vicky Vale - Nothing To Lose
17.Baby Gold - Traffic In My Bed
18.Mara Nell - Stop That Music, Stop The Fire
19.Dolly Pop - Superman Macho Man
20.Lolita - Sexy Lover Sexy Night
21.Ace Warrior - King Of The Nightmares
22.Nick Mansell - In The Sky, In Your Soul
23.Ace - Dynamite
24.Fastway - Big Brother
25.Riki 1 - Baby Frankenstain
Mini Review:

1.Mad Cow & The Royal Eurobeat Orchestra Of Bazookistan - Discow Moscow
2.Bazooka Girl - Bazooka Girl
3.Riki 1 - Shake Shake Shake
4.Beat Man - I'm Gonna Be Number One
5.Dusty - Mystery
6.Ace - TV Hero
7.Lolita - Riding On Fire
8.Christine - Let Me Be Your Angel
9.Lucya - Sentimental Song
10.Jee Bee - Tomorrow Night Is A Magical Fire
11.Susan Bell - I Just Wanna Dance
12.Marlene - I'm Coming
13.Eurobeat Girls - Turn Me On
14.Arena 69 - Tokyo
15.Melissa White - L.O.V.E. You & Me
16.Dee Dee Wonder - Love Is Forever
17.Starkly Ice - Take Me To Paradise
18.Harry Ken - No, I Don't Wanna Wait For You
19.Lilly - Love In Venice
20.Dolly Pop - Night And Day
21.Alice In ParaPara Land - ParaPara Hi-Dee
22.Kiki & Fancy Feat. Goofy DJ - I Wanna Play Guitar!
23.Go Go Girls - The Beat Of The Dance
24.J. Storm - Rock The Universe
25.Fastway - No Return
Mini Review:

1.Dusty - Stop & Go
2.Ace - Don't Stop The Dance
3.Rick Castle - Don't Stop
4.Ace Warrior - Feel The Fire
5.Mega NRG Man - Need Love
6.Black Eva - Carillon
7.Doll Sisters - Revolution
8.Giorgia Barrows - Another Night Of Fantasy
9.Kara Mell - Let The Music Play Forever
10.Harry Ken - Street Boy
11.Alexis - Calling My Number
12.Drama - Feelin' Alive
13.Mickey B. - Wind & Fire
14.Susan Bell - Music Is Love
15.Nick Mansell - Freedom Wild
16.Kite - Always On My Mind
17.Melissa White - Don't Go Playing With My Heart Again
18.Fancy - Ciao Ciao Ciao
19.Vanilla - Crazy
20.Go Go Girls - Baby Can You Love Me
21.Lou Lou Marina - I Love America
22.Mote Mote - Korea Japan
23.Nikka Tosta - Betty Blue, Baby You
24.Joe D. Toaster - Maxi
25.Franz Tornado - Bazooka Pistolero
Mini Review:

1.Ace - Fantasista!
2.Fastway - Formula 1
3.J. Storm - We Are The Children Of Rock
4.Ted Candela - Ready To Love
5.Babby One - My Technotronic New Desire
6.Mara Nell - You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Girl
7.Ciao Ciao - Harmony
8.Norma Sheffield - My Friend
9.Kiki & Fancy - Dance Little Sister
10.Kelly Wright - Don't Play With Me
11.Louise - Make Me Wonder In The Sky
12.Pasty Son - Hey Don't Go Breaking My Heart
13.Symbol - You Shot Me Down
14.Fulvia Coupe - Love In September
15.Gino Mandolino - Valentino Macho Latino
16.Kika - Top Of The World
17.Susan Bell - Curious
18.Lucya Feat. Ace - Sweet & Tender Lies
19.Ace Warrior - Blem Blem
20.Van T.K. - Rockin' Dome
21.Christine - Mr. Nice Guy
22.Drama - Slave To The Rhythm
23.Garcon - Electro Cow
24.Jeff Driller - Ahy-Ahy-Ahy-Ah
25.Volta & Gabbana - Besame Mucho
Mini Review:

Disc 1: Request Count Down Best Of 26-50

1.Volta & Gabbana - ParaPara AllStars
2.Franz Tornado & Bazooka Girl - Caballero With Sombrero
3.Riki 1 - Shake Shake Shake
4.J. Storm - We Are The Children Of Rock
5.Ace Warrior - Fame
6.Go Go Girls - Do You Wanna Dance
7.Lolita - Think Of You
8.Lolita - Riding On Fire
9.Christine - Heartbeat
10.Princess F. - Just An Illusion
11.Doll Sisters - Revolution
12.Claudia Vip - White Is For You Black Is For Me
13.Cherry - Take Me To Your Heart
14.Candy Taylor - Make A Move
15.Doki Doki - Baby Besame
16.Linda Ross - Sugar Sugar Honey
17.Susan Key - Love Train
18.Bazooka Girl - Flying Around The World
19.Kiki & Kika - Easy Busy
20.Tri-Star - Ike Ike
21.Dave McLoud - Mikado
22.Ace - Take My Breath Away
23.Joe Banana - Black Magic
24.Franz Tornado - Bazooka Pistolero
25.Fastway - Big Brother

Disc 2: Request Count Down Best Of 1-25

1.Franz "V.I.P." Tornado & Bazooka "T.C.V." Girl - Super Euro Flash
2.Mad Cow & The Royal Eurobeat Orchestra Of Bazookistan - Discow Moscow
3.Fastway - Rocket Man
4.Dusty - Solid Gold
5.Franz "Mad Cow" Tornado & The Yamanba-Gals - Ganguro
6.Christine - Crazy Generation
7.Priscilla - Hello Goodbye
8.Virginelle - Brother & Sister
9.Jeff Driller - Foxy Lady
10.Luna - Guardian Angel
11.Christine - Mr. Nice Guy
12.Jungle Bill - Shake Me Up
13.Jeff Driller - Chica Loca
14.Fastway - 777
15.Ace - Dynamite
16.Fastway - No Return
17.Ace - Fantasista!
18.Lolita - Everybody Dance
19.J. Storm - Rock The Universe
20.Niko - Made Of Fire
21.Dusty - Crazy For Love
22.Franz Tornado & The "Mad Cow" Girls - Bandolero Comanchero
23.Ken Martin - Sexy Sexy Sexy
24.Fastway - Spacelove
25.Bazooka Girl - Velfarre 2000
Mini Review:

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