Monday, March 10, 2014


Favourites in bold and red.

1.Manuel - Big Boy
2.Max Alto - Change The World
3.Go Go Girls - Raparapadance
4.Cherry - Every Beat Of Your Heart
5.Casanova - Satisfy My Soul
6.Name - Don't Tell Me Stories
7.Dave Simon - Money
8.Pretty Woman - Never Do
9.Tam Arrow - Fire To The Eurobeat
10.Robbie Grain Feat. Name - All The Love Of My Heart
11.Oda - Speed Demon (King Of Kings)
12.Mary Lane - Love Me Forever
13.Maxx Ducati - Valentino Samurai
14.Van T.K. - Just Can't Get Enough
15.Nuage - Carry On Carry On
16.Digital Planet - Fly Away
17.Melissa White & Ace - The Poison Of Love
18.Lolita - Set Your Heart On Fire
Mini Review: 

1.Maio & Co. - Dark In The Night 2004
2.Marcus - Man On Fire
3.Fastway - Make Or Brake
4.Dave & Meri - Are We Gonna Be Together
5.Pamsy - Livin' In The Night
6.Delta Queens - Goodbye My Love
7.Ricky M. - Jane
8.Cody - Back To You
9.Betty Blue - Lollipop Banana
10.Marko Polo - I Want To Believe
11.Rose - Supernatural
12.Morris - Destination Unknown
13.Leila - Burning Lover
14.Rick Castle - Fly To The Star
15.Norma Sheffield - Feel Like Dreamin'
16.Mega NRG Man - Body To Body
17.Stylophones - Hold On To Love
18.Lolita & Mickey B. - Dancing Around The World
Mini Review: 

1.Stephy Martini - Emotions
2.Dusty - It's My Life
3.Maxx Ducati - Million Dollars
4.Donna - In Your Dreams
5.Garcon - Pistol Man
6.Dave Simon - Disco Music
7.King & Queen - Boogie Boogie
8.Mike J. - Touch And Go
9.Jeff Driller - Control Alt Delete And Blow
10.Lisa Lion - Lionheart
11.J. Storm - Shout
12.Irene - Dancin' Baby
13.Joe D. Toaster - Black Night Cadillac
14.Bonnie & Clyde - Criminals
15.Lucya - Beautiful
16.Nuage - You'll Never Stop Me Lovin' You
17.Nick Mansell - Feel The Power
18.Christine - Wings Into The Sky
Mini Review:

1.O-Zone - Dragostea Din Tei (Eurobeat Remix)
2.Manuel - All The Best
3.Queen 26 - Going Crazy
4.Powerful T. - Original Sin
5.Captain America - Space Fighter
6.Delta Queens - Blue
7.Van T.K. - Never Gimme Up
8.Go Go Girls - I Wanna Be Fat
9.Franz Tornado - One Night With Bazooka Belly Dancers
10.Karen - She's The One
11.Nando - Toyboy
12.Za-Za - Wanna Be With You
13.Symbol - Lonely Boy
14.Leslie Parrish - No Matter What
15.Nuage - Still Love
16.Ace - My Valentine
17.Shiela - Na Na Na (The Best Time 4 Love)
18.Freddy Rodgers - Dance To The Music
Mini Review:

1.Kevin Johnson - Don't Say Goodbye
2.D-Team - Speed Car
3.Digital Planet - Call Me Tonight
4.Cherry - Euroheat
5.Giacomo Caria - Light My Fire
6.Dee Dee & Regina - Beautiful Day
7.Go Go Girls - Baby Boy
8.Tam Arrow - Rambo Demolition
9.Lolita - Hot & Crazy Love
10.Pretty Woman - Sweet Heart
11.Priscilla - The Beat Goes On
12.Bad Gang - Body Guard
13.Leila - When I Look At You
14.Virginelle - Love Is...
15.Pamsy - Hello
16.Nuage Feat. Sonia - I'm Never Gonna Let You Down And Forget You
17.Big Town Guy - John 'N' Mary Dance
18.Fastway - 777
Mini Review:

1.Dave Rodgers - Wild Reputation 2005
2.Lilibeth - Shine Forever
3.Jackson O' - Shock
4.Vicky Vale - Maximum Love
5.Terence Holler - Dance Into Your Fire
6.Kiki & Fancy - Big In The Night
7.Karen - I Know What You Like
8.David "Off" - Imagination
9.Ace Warrior - Fire On The Beat
10.Rose - It's Fine
11.Donna - In The Name Of Loving
12.Luna - Your Love Is Magic
13.The Girls - Hold Back The Fire
14.Martina Dry - I Belong To You
15.Jock-Lee - Sexy Guy
16.Pamsy & Ace - 2 Love, 4 Love
17.Mickey B. - Snowgame Fighters
18.Eurofunk - DJ Is Playing My Song
Mini Review:

1.Lolita - My Heart Burns Like A Fire
2.Mega NRG Man - Supertonic Lady
3.Cherry - She's All Right
4.Mr. M - No Reason To Cry
5.Nuage - Let's Go Dee Jay
6.Leslie Parrish - Falling Free
7.J. Storm - Vision Of Paradise
8.Elisa - The Way You Love Me
9.Priscilla - I Don't Wanna Stop
10.Boogaboo - Bugabuga Chew Chew
11.Overload - Terminator
12.Delta Queens - Satisfaction
13.Casanova - The Hero
14.Lisa Lion - Wonderful Feelin'
15.Freddy R. - R U Ready
16.Helena - Melodies And Rain
17.Dusty - Midnight Lover
18.Sticky, Tricky & Bang - Sticky, Tricky & Bang!
Mini Review:

1.Leslie Parrish - Victim
2.Chris Stanton - Love Is Freedom
3.Ace - Power Of Sound
4.Queen 26 - Inside Your Heart
5.Manuel - What You Need
6.Van T.K. - Dancin' Time
7.Mike J. - Superlove Superaction
8.Nick Key - The Speed Of Light
9.Dee Dee - Butterfly
10.Mickey B. - Call Me Now
11.Jeff Driller - Stop And Go
12.Lou Turner - Superguy
13.Cherry - I Can't Stay Without Your Love
14.Garcon - Bazookaaa
15.Giada - Give Me Your Love
16.Fastway - Kingo King'O Beat
17.Nuage - I Feel Fine
18.Niko - Pilot Is The Hero
Mini Review:

1.Lolita - Loving Tonight
2.Melissa White - Fine
3.Franz Tornado & Bazooka Girl - Motto-Motto Inamoto (Caballero Remix)
4.Stylophones - Never Say Goodbye
5.Vicky Vale - My Body Sweat
6.Sophie - Eternal Simphony
7.Karen - Love Forever
8.Madison - Special Love
9.J.A.F. - Beat On
10.Ricky M. - Love Is Power
11.Betty Blue - Changes
12.Cody - Solid Rock
13.Brian Ice - I Believe In Lovin' You
14.Priscilla - Dancing Days
15.Go Go Girls - Nothing Can Stop The Music
16.Neo - Go Go Money
17.Dave & Nuage - Don't Make Me Cry
18.Go 2 - Funky Funlover
Mini Review: 

Disc 1: 

1.Dr. Love - Eurobeat
2.Bazooka Girl - Flying Around The World
3.Salt & Pepper - Radio
4.Linda Ross - Loving Honey
5.Regina - Let The People Say
6.Katchy Core - Crazy For Your Love
7.Annalise - Bad Love
8.Mad Max - Sex And Love
9.Niko - Made Of Fire
10.Virginelle - Hot Love & Emotion
11.Leslie Parrish - Victim
12.J. Storm - We Are The Children Of Rock
13.Cherry - When I Close My Eyes
14.Kevin Johnson - Promises
15.Virginelle - Brother & Sister
16.Jee Bee - Summertime
17.Christine - Heartbeat
18.Ace Warrior - Fire On The Beat
19.Fastway - Spacelove
20.Regina - Harmony
21.Sym 1 - Rock Over Emotion
22.Lolita - My Heart Burns Like A Fire
23.Maio & Co. - Dark In The Night
24.Annalise - Taste Of Love
25.Ken Martin - Sexy Sexy Sexy
26.Lolita - Wanna Be Your Emotion
27.Mega NRG Man - Supertonic Lady
28.Robert Patton - Looking 4 Love
29.Nuage - Baby Get My Fire Tonite
30.Lolita - Anynight Anyday
31.Les Blue Belles - Telephone
32.Joe Banana - Boom Boom Sexy Lady
33.Oda - Sex Crime
34.Max Coveri - Running In The 90s
35.Ken Martin - Virtual Love
36.Roxanne - Money Money Money
37.Nuage - Let's Go Dee Jay
38.Ace - Take My Breath Away
39.Fastway - Make Or Brake
40.Go Go Girls - One Night In Arabia
41.Dave Rodgers - Wild Reputation 2005
42.Dave Rodgers - Deja Vu
43.Franz "Mad Cow" Tornado & The Yamanba-Gals - Ganguro
44.Jimmy Bravo - Mazinger Go!
45.Lolita - Kiss 2 Kiss
46.Niko - Pilot Is The Hero
47.Dusty - Crazy For Love
48.Marko Polo - Baby Queen Seventeen
49.Nathalie - Heartbeat
50.Dee Dee - Hey Hey Baby Cry

Disc 2: 

1.Manuel - Big Boy
2.Fastway - 777
3.Dave Rodgers - The Race Is Over
4.Dave & Domino - Forever
5.Go Go Girls - I Wanna Be Fat
6.Wain L - Make Up Your Mind
7.Lolita - Try Me
8.Powerful T. - Fall In The Web Of Desire
9.King & Queen - King And Queen
10.Kevin Johnson - Don't Say Goodbye
11.Alexis - Sugar Baby
12.Matt Land - Night Flight To Tokyo
13.Lolita - Everybody Dance
14.Dave Rodgers - Space Boy
15.Christine - Me, Myself & I
16.Mega NRG Man - Express Love
17.Niko - Speedway
18.Lolita - Riding On Fire
19.Powerful T. - Over The Rainbow
20.Mega NRG Man - Seventies
21.Suzy Lazy - I Believe In Music
22.Dave Rodgers - Stay The Night
23.Marko Polo - Stop Your Self Control
24.Edo - Too Young To Fall In Love
25.Dave Rodgers - The Final Countdown
26.Manuel - Let's Go, Come On
27.Time All Stars - 150
28.Tri-Star - Dancing At Twin Star
29.Marko Polo - Money Go!
30.Franz Tornado - Mad Cow
31.Ace - Power Of Sound
32.Tri-Star - Ike Ike
33.D.Essex - Boom Boom Fire
34.Drama - Love For Sale
35.Ace Warrior - Fight For Love Tonight
36.Fastway - Number One
37.Symbol - Forever Young
38.O-Zone - Dragostea Din Tei (Eurobeat Remix)
39.Pamsy - Livin' In The Night
40.Suzy Lazy - Love Generation
41.Stephy Martini - Emotions
42.Virginelle - Fantasy
43.Virginelle - Like A Virgin
44.Nuage - Sunday
45.Bazooka Girl - Velfarre 2000
46.Dave & Nuage - Car Of Your Dreams
47.Cherry - Yesterday
48.Mad Max - Tsunami Comes
49.Go 2 - Not For Sale
50.Niko - Night Of Fire
Mini Review:

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