Sunday, March 9, 2014


Favourites in bold and red.

1.Virginelle - Mystery In Love
2.Annerley Gordon - Up All Night (All Night Mix)
3.Ric Fellini - All My Loving
4.Valentina - Moonlight Shadows
5.Helena - With You
6.De Niro - Start
7.Victoria - Happy Song
8.Juliet - Ticket To Ride (Ride The Mix)
9.Maggie May - You're My Destiny
10.Mr. Groove - Highway Star (Highway Mix)
11.Silver - Lady Bug
12.Vito - Livin' In America (American Mix)
13.Samantha Gilles - Here Comes The Night
Mini Review:

1.Annalise - Queen Of Love (Queen Extended Mix)
2.Atrium - In The Name Of Strangers
3.Groove Twins - Big Trouble
4.Lolita - Walkie Talkie (Walkie Talkie Mix)
5.Love & Pride - Hot Hot Hot
6.Derreck Simons - Let's Dance (Dance Mix)
7.Margaret - Stereo Love
8.Charly - Move Your Feet
9.Macho Gang - Never Ask Me Why
10.Sophie - Hold Me
11.Go Go Girls - California Girls
12.Alexis - Don't Cry To Me
13.Sheela - Confusion (Dance Mix)
Mini Review:

1.Morena - My Heart And My Soul
2.Samantha Gilles - Don't Tell Me Lies
3.Samantha Gilles - Here Comes The Night
4.Thomas T. - Lady Night
5.Mike Hammer - Starfighter
6.Ric Fellini - I Wanna Shout
7.Ric Fellini - All My Loving
8.Teddy Boy - In The Jungle
9.Derreck Simons - Doctor And The Medic
10.Derreck Simons - Let's Dance
11.Anika - Let's Make Love
12.Virginelle - Mystery In Love
13.Veronica Sales - Take This Time
14.Linda Ross - I Got To Feel Your Love
15.Danny Keith - Sex Over The Phone
16.Dave Hammond - Africa
17.Mega NRG Man - Fire
18.RCS - Rocking The City
19.King & Queen - He-Hey Dancin'
20.Go Go Girls - California Girls
21.Vito - Livin' In America
22.Mr. Groove - Love In Chinatown
23.Edo - Born To Be Wild
Mini Review:

1.Wain L - Make Up Your Mind
2.Paula Roberts - Beverly Hills
3.Silver - On My Own
4.Margaret - How Many Times
5.Jilly - Fall In Love
6.Groove Twins - Poison
7.Sandy Bee - New Day
8.Go Go Girls - Nobody's Perfect
9.High Frequency - One More Chance
10.Angie Davies - Friday Night
11.Tommy K. - You Need A Lover
12.Casanova - In The Name Of Love
13.Norma Sheffield - Sweet Heaven (Extended NRG Mix)
Mini Review:

1.Karen - Hurricane
2.Derreck Simons - TNT
3.Charly - Could You Want
4.Ric Fellini - Stop In The Name Of Love
5.Annalise - New Love (Extended Newlove Mix)
6.Kelly Wright - You Can Do Magic
7.Annerley Gordon - On My Own (Dance Mix)
8.Maltese - I Hate Monday
9.Delta Force - Wild Love
10.Macho Gang - Try Me Baby
11.Dave Hammond - Hot Hot Lover
12.Jilly - Call My Name
13.Edo - Born To Be Wild 
Mini Review:

1.King & Queen - Turbo Lover
2.Karen - Nothing's Gonna Take My Love From You
3.Annalise - Summertime
4.Virginelle - Lucky Lucky
5.Mike Skanner - Money For Nothing
6.Dr. Money - Hot Girl
7.Salt & Pepper - Radio
8.Sandy Bee - Funky Funky Child
9.Annalise - O.K.! All Right!
10.Anika - Let's Make Love
11.Anika - No More Lies
12.Maio & Co. - Bye Bye Baby
13.Annalise - Make Love
14.DJ NRG - Extasy
15.Mike Skanner - Babe C'Mon
16.Virginelle - My Name Is Virginelle
17.Domino - Domino Dancing
18.Dave Hammond - Sound Of My Heart
19.Linda Ross - Love Is Danger
20.Norma Sheffield - Touch Me Touch Me
21.Norma Sheffield - Broken Heart
22.Lolita - Walkie Talkie
23.Dave Rodgers - Get Wild
24.Margaret - Mine Is Your Love
25.Edo - Stranger
26.DJ NRG - Kamikaze
27.Linda Ross - Loving Honey
28.Annalise - Bad Love
29.Angie Davies - Superman
30.Jilly - Take A Look In My Heart
31.Mike Hammer - Heart Breaker
32.Annalise - Taste Of Love
33.Love & Pride - Shotgun Killer
34.Alexis - Sugar Baby
35.Annalise - Queen Of Love
36.King & Queen - King And Queen
37.King & Queen - He-Hey Dancin'
38.Virginelle - Kiss Me Kiss Me Babe
39.Virginelle - Hot Love & Emotion
40.Virginelle - Mystery In Love
Mini Review:

1.Mike Skanner - What Is Love
2.Virginelle - Don't You Love Me
3.Macho Gang - Try Me Baby
4.Karen - Open Your Eyes
5.Derreck Simons - TNT
6.Annalise - New Love
7.Marie Belle - No Choice At Random
8.Edo - Born To Be Wild
9.Toby Ash - Casino
10.Veronica Sales - In The Heat Of The Night
11.Wain L - Feel Me
12.Wain L - Make Up Your Mind
13.High Frequency - One More Chance
14.Anika - You're My Life
15.Frank Torpedo - Sex And Dance
16.Silver - On My Own
17.Ric Fellini - Stop In The Name Of Love
18.Maltese - Made For Running
19.Tension - Baby Come Back
20.Norma Sheffield - Sweet Heaven
21.Karen - Hurricane
22.Casanova - In The Name Of Love
23.Mega NRG Man - Seventies
Mini Review:

1.Domino - Tora Tora Tora (Big Attack Mix)
2.Norma Sheffield - Memories
3.Gino Caria - Heroes Of Fantasy
4.Angie Davies - Crazy Cartoon
5.Dr. Money - Loose Control
6.Pleasure & Pain - Freedom
7.Mega NRG Man - Transmission
8.Paula Roberts - Won't Let You Go
9.Derreck Simons - Back To The Future
10.Roxanne - Super Sex Symbol
11.Linda Ross - Let's Go
12.Maio & Co. - Flash In The Sky
13.Lolita - Time To Dance 
Mini Review:

1.Annalise - Coo Coo Love
2.Marie Aidridge - Mr. President
3.Marc B. - Everlasting Love
4.Derreck Simons - Hey People
5.De Niro - Dirty Actions
6.Alan Ford - Magic (Magic Extended Mix)
7.Marie Belle - Baila Pistolero
8.Ken Hunter - Ready For Love
9.Teddy Boy - The Rhythm Of The Night
10.Sonya - My Eyes On You
11.Love & Pride - In The Line Of Fire
12.King & Queen - Para Para
13.Delta Force - Relight My Fire 
Mini Review:

1.Lolita - Try Me
2.Annalise - Queen Of Love
3.Annalise - New Love
4.Virginelle - Kiss Me Kiss Me Babe
5.Mega NRG Man - Seventies
6.Anika - You're My Life
7.Lisa Johnson - Doctor Doctor
8.King & Queen - He-Hey Dancin'
9.Chester - Bang Bang For Your Love
10.Love & Pride - Shotgun Killer
11.Vanessa - Special Desire
12.Alexis - Sugar Baby
13.Norma Sheffield - Sweet Heaven
14.Norma Sheffield - Memories
15.Margaret - Mine Is Your Love
16.Lou Grant - Take Me High All Days
17.Virginelle - Hot Love & Emotion
18.Maio & Co. - Bye Bye Baby
19.Edo - Stranger
20.Virginelle - My Name Is Virginelle
21.King & Queen - King And Queen
22.Jilly - Take A Look In My Heart
23.Dave Hammond - Sound Of My Heart
24.Maio & Co. - Dark In The Night
25.Vanessa - Hey Hey
26.Samantha Gilles - Here Comes The Night
27.Atrium - In The Name Of Strangers
28.Sandy Bee - Funky Funky Child
29.Mike Hammer - Supersonic Love
30.Tension - Baby Come Back
31.Frank Torpedo - Sex And Dance
32.Edo - Born To Be Wild
33.Lolita - Walkie Talkie
34.Virginelle - Don't You Love Me
35.Macho Gang - Never Ask Me Why
36.Silver - Lady Bug
37.Angie Davies - Superman
38.De Niro - Start
39.Chester - Laser Game
40.Helena - With You
41.Mike Skanner - What Is Love
42.Domino - Domino Dancing
43.Karen - Hurricane
44.DJ NRG - Kamikaze
45.Virginelle - Mystery In Love
46.Derreck Simons - TNT
47.Casanova - In The Name Of Love
48.Lolita - Time To Dance
49.Roxanne - Super Sex Symbol
50.King & Queen - Para Para
Mini Review:

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