Thursday, January 1, 2015


Favourites in bold and red.

1.Jimmy Bravo - Diablo Man
2.Doll Sisters - Baby Kiss Me All Night
3.Dee Dee Wonder - Honky Tonky Radio
4.E.C. James - Ready For You
5.Mara Nell - Red Ferrari
6.Donna Lee - Smooth Operator
7.Debby - Tell Me Why
8.Betty Blue - Hoochie Cootchie Girl
9.Maddy Layne - Wake Up And Dance
10.Black Eva - Love On Internet
11.David Bird - Heroes Tonight
12.Luna - Crash In My Heart
13.Dolly - Run 4 Fun
14.Franz Tornado - Mad Cow
15.Milk & Coffea - Love Me Twice
16.Stop Limit Line - Satisfaction
17.Hanako Katagiri - 'Cause The Night
18.Miki Sato - In The Dark Of My Heart
Mini Review: 

1.Euroteam Feat. Rose - Come On Come Over
2.Jungle Bill - Master Mind
3.Jimmy Bravo - Heart And Soul
4.Louise - Love Sex Honey
5.Lisa Johnson - Hey Superman
6.Regina - Love Hotel
7.Alvin - Tonight Is The Night
8.Les Blue Belles - Knock Knock Knock
9.Maria Short - Bad Angel
10.Betty Blue - Angel
11.Lucky Boy - Listen To My Mistery
12.Luna - Call Me Tonight
13.Gina Latina - Magic Moment
14.Mara Nell - Back To The Melody
15.Live Music Gang - Energy People United
16.Terry Gordon - Move Your Body
17.Saori Ohnuki - Running Over The Night
18.Yuri Masuda - Paradise
Mini Review: Currently do not own, but added my favourites from what I have heard.

1.Franz Tornado - Mad Cow
2.Gordon Jim - Wonder Woman
3.Mix Jean - No! No!
4.Mara Nell - Red Ferrari
5.Baby Gold - Natural Girl
6.Betty Blue - Hoochie Cootchie Girl
7.Donna Lee - The Leader Of The Game
8.Debby - Tell Me Why
9.The Flippers - You're In Danger
10.Luna - Crash In My Heart
11.Sharon K. - Lady Quark
12.Gipsy & Queen - Queens Of Desire
13.Alvin - Tonight Is The Night
14.Sarah - 'Cause The Night
15.Giorgia Barrows - In The Dark Of My Heart
16.Les Blue Belles - Knock Knock Knock
17.Doll Sisters - Baby Kiss Me All Night
18.Francis Cooper - Don't Tell Me Why
19.Black Eva - Love On Internet
20.Michelle Rose - Passion & Love
21.Jim Bogart - Think Positive
22.Stop Limit Line - Satisfaction
23.Joe D. Toaster - Spider Boy
24.Jimmy Bravo - Diablo Man
25.Nami Fujita - Doctor Doctor
26.Rie Taguchi - Wings Of Fire
Mini Review:

1.Patricia - Doctor Doctor
2.Jeff Driller - Take My Hammer
3.Priscilla - Thinking Of You
4.Spencer - Hurricane
5.Lilly - The Mirror Of The Life
6.Betty Blue - We Can Make It Stronger
7.Jee Bee - Music In The Rhythm
8.Jackie 'O - What's Your Game
9.Milk & Coffea - Honey Honey
10.Real Power - Touch Me
11.Tri-Star - Dancing In Maharaja
12.Billy The Butcher - Cannibal Attraction
13.The Flippers - Getaway
14.Queen Regina - Be My Tears
15.Princess F. - Infidelity
16.Mike Danger & Chris Day - Give Me Your Soul
17.Rie Sohno - Another Love
18.Tomomi Nakamura - Telephone
Mini Review: 

1.Ken Martin - Bad World
2.Martina Dry - Lies On The Fax
3.Lisa Johnson - Fantasy
4.Dee Dee - She's My Baby
5.Baby Gold - Crazy For You
6.Vicky Lee - Call Me Baby
7.Louise - Music Is A Melody
8.Hot Cold - Love & Money
9.Joe Banana - I'm Your Gangster
10.Tommie B. - Dom Dom
11.Mike Danger - Crazy
12.Priscilla - Kill Me With Your Eyes
13.Gordon Jim - Wonder Woman
14.Jee Bee - Summertime
15.Rose - Bad Love
16.Jackie 'O - Big Mig
17.Izumi Ohkubo - Give Me The Night
18.Motoko Nakamura - Tell Me Why
Mini Review: 

1.Rocky - I Can't Live Without
2.Dolly Pop - Together Forever
3.Patricia - Love Me Love Me
4.Franz Tornado - Tornado Superchild
5.Emy - This Is The Way
6.Queen Of Regina - Take My Broken Heart
7.Hi-Gang - Eeh Ooh! Eeh Ooh! Eeh Ooh!
8.Lady Energy - Sex Kamikaze Girl
9.Valery Scott - No More Tears
10.Jeff Driller - Rocket In My Pocket
11.Betty Blue - Go Go Baby
12.Christine - Because The Night
13.Doctor Gabriel - Alright
14.Chris - Power Of My Love
15.Rose - Dream
16.Nikita Jr. - Dancing Is My Fever
17.Maiko Watanabe - You
18.Jun Ozaki - Why Did You Say I'm Sorry
Mini Review: 

1.Nick Mansell - Runaway
2.Ika - Do You Remember
3.Kiki & Kika - Jam Jam Jam
4.Jee Bee - Summertime
5.Lucky Boy - You And Me
6.Dolly Pop - Together Forever
7.Christine - Because The Night
8.Carol Lee - Never Say Forever
9.Regina - Sha-La-La
10.Maria Short - Colours In My Heart
11.Emy - This Is The Way
12.David Lord - Baby's On Fire
13.Vip Girls - Hot Night
14.Doctor Gabriel - Alright
15.Rose - Love And Destiny
16.Lisa Johnson - Saturday Night
17.Christine - Back In My Arms
18.Baby Gold - Gimme Za Night
19.Debbie Key - Day By Day
20.Michelle Rose - Everlasting Love
21.Alvin - Runaway, Getaway
22.Franz Tornado - Tornado Superchild
23.Joe Banana - Boom Boom Sexy Lady
24.Franz "Mad Cow" Tornado & The Bazooka Girls - Suck A Bazooka
25.Mina Ueno - No More Tears
26.Tsugumi Ishizuka - Another Day Another Night
Mini Review:

1.Jimmy Bravo - Queen Of The Night
2.HRG United - Come On In Tokyo
3.Lara - No Way Out
4.Lisa Johnson - Night
5.Dee Dee - Call Me Now
6.Dolly Pop - Living Together
7.Boogaboo - Beast Girl
8.The Warrior - Heart Of The Lion
9.Mara Nell - You Won't Cry Tonight
10.Vicky Lee - Angel
11.Dusty - Rock Me To The Top
12.Crystal - Love Is Gonna Get You
13.Mr. Bean - Let Your Body Rock
14.Lucya - Forever
15.Elisa - Lost Into The Night
16.Ciao Ciao - You Are The Only One
17.Mari Nagata - Let Me Be Your Baby
18.Kanako Onishi - Be My Babe
Mini Review:

1.Fastway - Number One
2.Tri-Star - Dancing At Twin Star
3.Sara - Show Me Your Love
4.Lara - Japanese Lover
5.Jeff Driller - Foxy Lady
6.Toby Ash - Wild Boy
7.Valentina - Standing Ovation
8.Jee Bee - Every Time You Touch Me There
9.The Flippers - Hypnotized
10.Dee Dee - Cocaine
11.Christine - Into The Light
12.Mako - Money Money
13.Mara Nell - Look Into My Eyes
14.Tracy - Lovers
15.Leslie Hammond - Feel My Body And My Soul
16.Stop Limit Line - Body To Body
17.Emiri Masubuchi - Babe Follow Me
18.Rikako Kakiuchi - Desperado
Mini Review:

Disc 1:

1.Franz Tornado - Mad Cow
2.Garcon - Bazooka Man
3.Dee Dee Wonder - Mayday
4.Spencer - Doctor Of Love
5.Lisa Johnson - Paradise
6.Maria Valentino - Be My Lover
7.Emy - This Is The Way
8.Nick Mansell - Runaway
9.Jimmy Bravo - Queen Of The Night
10.Dolly Pop - Take My Gum
11.Cindy - Push Me Boom Boom
12.Mix Jean - No! No!
13.Ken Martin - Bad World
14.Les Blue Belles - Telephone
15.Lisa Johnson - Hey Superman
16.Princess F. - Technotronic Flight
17.Michelle Rose - Sunday Night
18.Jimmy Bravo - Diablo Man
19.Eurosisters - Discomania
20.Boogaboo - Beast Girl
21.Garcon - Batman Is Bruce Wayne
22.Dee Dee - Hey Hey Baby Cry
23.Dolly Pop - Together Forever
24.Rocky - I Can't Live Without
25.Ken Martin - Virtual Love
26.Nikita Jr. - Dancing In The Jungle
27.Jeff Driller - Take My Hammer
28.Franz Tornado - Tornado Superchild
29.Franz "Mad Cow" Tornado & The Bazooka Girls - Suck A Bazooka
30.Joe Banana - Boom Boom Sexy Lady

Disc 2:

1.Jun Ozaki - Why Did You Say I'm Sorry
2.Izumi Ohkubo - Give Me The Night
3.Emiri Masubuchi - Babe Follow Me
4.Tsugumi Ishizuka - Another Day Another Night
5.Rikako Kakiuchi - Desperado
6.Rie Taguchi - Wings Of Fire
7.Kanako Onishi - Be My Babe
8.Hanako Katagiri - 'Cause The Night
9.Mina Ueno - No More Tears
10.Saori Ohnuki - Running Over The Night
11.Tomomi Nakamura - Telephone
12.Motoko Nakamura - Tell Me Why
13.Rie Sohno - Another Love
14.Miki Sato - In The Dark Of My Heart
15.Maiko Watanabe - You
16.Yuri Masuda - Paradise
17.Nami Fujita - Doctor Doctor
18.Mari Nagata - Let Me Be Your Baby
Mini Review:

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