Monday, February 24, 2014

Super Fun Hyper Techno Lyrics Part 2

And now... it's...

(Rich Island - Kam)


Kam's on a quest that none can stop
Dreamin a throwin jams that be slammin on a yacht
So many dollars, so many hollers.
Utterly flawless so they think.
They're skating on thin ice, I'm jumping out the rink
In time for the crush, see them bums rush
Clawin at each other, glad I'm outta touch
Wit they freakin kind damn parasites
Subliminal bandits back still scannin wit my sights.
"X" be the vision, smooth wit the rapture,
Immortalize my soul, a photo couldn't capture
The essense, essentially I be "Kam"
Got more faults than a motherfuckin dam'
Chiller than before, never play the succer
If life is hopeless, I'm a hopeless motherfucka.

The bandit is back hands smack is amazing
Chillin like a fat cow on grass he be grazing
Fully sympathetic, rheteric wreckin thousands
Adding new meaning to the term "I be housin"
Ain't nothin to it, check it out baby pops,
First one to run wit the mouth maybe drops
Casein point, peep my freezer, chill as annoint
Yes it is I in the flesh again
Still chillin like a doctor on vacation recommended
Ya'll all take the time read between the lines
At least when I die I can still claim something as mine
And not simply say that I worked for the "system"
But I "worked" the "system", hell yeah I'ma diss em
Chiller than before, never play the succer
If like is hopeless I'ma hopeless motherfucka...


The lyrics booklet didn't have the chorus, so I decided not to put in there.

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