Monday, February 24, 2014

Super Fun Hyper Techno Lyrics Part 1

Gonna add the first 6 parts of this series on here so I don't have to keep looking at my old LJ (oh god no!) to find out what I've done before.

First one:

(A. Panigada - G. Pasquini - F. Guio)


Well I wanna know Goddamit
Why can't I get on the space shuttle and just go
I wanna go up
You know what I mean?... yeah I understand...
Yeah me too man... I wanna go up too
Just because I'm from Mexico
Don't mean I can't get up there either... you know...

I gotta a one way ticket goin' up
Space shuttle "Discovery" gonna chance my luck
The president's coming too
He wanna know why I wanna paint the White House blue
He brought along his wife and the cat
And asked me to sit in the back
He must've been smokin' crack or some shit like that
I laughed and he looked at me strange
The F.B.I. started asking my name
But before I could open my mouth
The muthafucker tried to throw me out
My heart started pumpity pump
And I shitted in my pants with a lump
The smell made everybody choke and cough
And the space shuttle canceled lift off

Let me go! I WANNA GO UP up up... get on board let's go

They ran for the door at once
And Bill was smokin marajuana blunts
He said let's go take a chance
But first you gotta change your pants
Yea, I got cleaned real quick
Now I gotta figure out how to start the shit
Cause I'm in a room filled with button
I guess I'll press away like it ain't nothin
The count down sweet and soft
But Bill jumped out before we took off
I think I'll go to mars
Relax, kick back to the max with some real stars
No economy, no recession
No bullshit government filled with weapons

Come on, chance your luck
Count down begins, and let's go


I took some liberties with some of the lyrics because certain words were "censored".

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