Wednesday, March 31, 2010

This Week's Bingo Theme: Japanese Myths And Folklore

I better do this before I start bingo this week, and since there's a public holiday on Friday, I was asked to do it on Thursday instead. Anyways, this (actually last) week's bingo theme is: JAPANESE MYTHS AND FOLKLORE. I just got the names from wikipedia, so I really couldn't separate the names in to what they actually are and still get 30 things to do. So, I just grouped everything together into a somewhat generic theme.

In ther news, I swear there must be some kind of bug/virus on my computer affecting Firefox (and now even my newly installed Google Chrome) since it doesn't let me stay on Blogger for very long and I'm forced to use Internet Explorer... which I do not like using since it got crappy and annoying to use... ughh

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