Thursday, June 25, 2009

Super Fun Happy Hyper Techno Lyrics Part 7!!

Something I used to do on livejournal, so I'll move it here too :)

This one is written as is in the booklet, so as usual there is stuff missing and written out of order (at least as far as the radio edit goes).

So without further ado:

(G.Pasquini - S.Oliva - F.Guio)

Explore the power and experience the fusion
Of my C-dick-rom interactivity illusion
You can load save and trade your video edits
And watch C-dick-rom stroke poking cybernetic

Explore the virtual world insert my disc
Create and experiment with me any and every way you wish
Come get it started, come on just press play
Experience the cybernetic love, have it your way...

"What is your pleasure?"
I want to go to the cybernetic kingdom
I heard it's the best
Let me play!
Just turn on the computer and play
Where's the bass?
Right there
Where's the kick?
Right there
The high hats?
In your face
Oh, yea this is fun
It's all yours
Lift off will now begin


Oh, I also posted this on me twitter, so I'll just post it here too.


AKA Domino doing, I guess, Dance Pop since it was in Ultra Dance. The notes for this song are quite hilarious since they talk about "Yves" being a new artist at the label HAHAHAHAhahahahHAHAHAHAhhaahah....

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