Saturday, April 18, 2009


So I DID watch Dragonball Evolution last Thursday on it's premiere day in Australia.

So yeah, it was definately a terrible movie, but everyone in the cinema was loving it because it was so terrible.

It had some really horrible lines, my favourite being "DRAGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!!" Oh god, when he said that, at least everyone around me was laughing.

The thing for me that was the most off putting was that the high school scenes and the party scene was a totally different feel to the rest of the movie. Those scenes just felt like some normal everyday place while everything else had this sort of ancient feel crossed with modern technology, it was really a contrast.

I came into it expecting to see a terrible movie that was just as comedic as The Spirit and it met my expectations quite well. Although, I am unsure whether it BEATS The Spirit in how comedic it was since for the most part I was the only one who was laughing when watching The Spirit and had to hold back my laughter because of it. Not to metion the totally predictable twist after the Ayumi Hamasaki song was finished.

Although, I do have to say some scenes I actually did like, for example the righteous ass kicking at the party was fun. But it definately does not cancel out how terrible the movie was.


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