Thursday, January 15, 2009

Kinokuniya and other stuff...

So I DID leave my Kinokuniya discount card at the counter (got it back today!). Also, I stupidly never asked them to get me some manga that I'd have to order from with their horridly high shipping prices which also probably means I may not be ordering stuff online for a while since getting the stuff I am ordering is first priority for now (it's the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure bunko editions... Stone Ocean has 2 more volumes to go and I'm done!).

I guess this sadly means I won't be getting the new SEBs as they come out, I may do a bulk order when more are released or something like that, but we'll see... maybe an actual NEW TechPara CD might get me to order, if that actually ever happens before then. I might end up getting the below if the tracklist is decent enough (avex's art deparment really needs to stop using sparkles so much though):

EDIT Oh wait I just found the tracklist...

1 Turn Around And Count 2 Ten
2 Macho Man
3 Help Me
4 Jive Into The Night
5 Give Me Up
6 What`s Up 2008
7 Love Shine A Light 2008
8 I Was Made For Dancin`
9 Hot Stuff(Hi_tack Club Mix)
10 Something Good 08(Van She Tech Remix)
11 Dragostea Din Tei
12 Let Me Love You
13 Fire
14 Bearforce1
15 Chariots Of Fire
16 Wait For You(Nevins Gtr Club Mix)
17 The Weekend(Daishi Dance House Nation Remix)
18 I Miss You
19 Shine(Extended T & F And Moltosugo Mix)
20 Call On Me(Eric Prydz Vs Retarded Funk Mix)
21 James Brown Is Dead
22 Can`t Undo This!!
23 Are U Wake Up?
24 I Like It(Give It To Me)
25 Tokyo.go!
26 The Beauty Of Silence(Pump Mix)
27 Triomphe De L`amour
28 Out Of The Blue
29 Tenshi
30 Infected
31 Try Me
32 Night Of Fire
33 Ike Ike
34 Ganguro
35 Ultra Mi-ha Deluxe

I did register a new YouTube account and put some stuff I still had on my computer from my old accounts, I won't be uploading anime stuff anymore (although I'm thinking me uploading the Gintama stuff got me caught...), just uploading stuff that PROBABLY will not get my account suspended again. Go there and watch some cool videos from clubs in Japan especially the 3rd one I took from Flower Tokyo so you can see some awesome salaryman dancing!

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